2020 Flower Show & Gardens

2020 Flower Show

Come to the Monroe County History Center to enjoy our 2020 Flower Show, Rhapsody in Blue, featuring over 60 inspired individual floral interpretations of this musical theme. The annual Flower Show displays over 60 individual flower arrangements, has the same hours as the Summer Garden Walk, and is included in the ticket price ($10). 

Tickets for the Summer Garden Walk are sold at the History Center on days of the Garden Walk.

Descriptions of 2020 Gardens

When you visit this garden, you’ll notice that there is very little lawn! The garden, beginning in the front curb with attractive plantings and hardscaping, stretches to the back lot line. A rear fenced-in garden, unseen from the street, provides dining areas, a fireplace, and a hot tub, as well as an amazing collection of eye-catching plants in large containers. Walking this garden is exciting as well as a pleasure.

Trees and water features can indeed become garden design focal points, as you’ll see in this garden. Well-placed multiple trees create a special view, and combined with water features, provide an inviting atmosphere for entertaining as well as for relaxing. Color comes from interspersed beds of annuals and perennials. 

A tour through this extensive garden, designed to incorporate exemplary garden practices, provides opportunities to learn about adding soil amendments, attracting pollinators, capturing and re-using available water, and incorporating sustainable gardening practices in home gardens. A prairie garden and a water garden are worth your visit.

This pocket-sized garden welcomes visitors with colorful mass plantings in both the front and back areas, creating stunning views from any viewpoint. Well-chosen hardscaping combined with annuals, perennials, and shrubs both soften the small garden’s edges and manage drainage problems. A walk through this garden inspires owners of small spaces to experiment with the unexpected.

A mature garden, planted forty years ago, continues to bring its owners joy and color through the seasons with its choices of plants and in overall garden design. Unlike in young or new gardens where plants occupy their original spots, expect a relaxed garden visit among plants that naturally wander and shrubs and trees that have reached their expected heights. 

Come visit this surprisingly whimsical garden, full of unexpected examples of imagination and garden fun. In addition to a water feature, surprise nooks, and brightly colored combinations of annuals and perennials, you’ll see fanciful ways to incorporate geodes, outdoor antiques, and even tree stumps into a relaxing, fun garden.